Selling Your Inherited Music Studio Home

studio1If you’re in the music industry and have inherited a home used previously as a music studio but no longer want it, this article will help since inherited properties can be a real burden. There are a ton of reasons why you may not want to keep the property. Most of the time it simply comes down to time, cost and maintenance.

If the home itself is not worth any of these three it’s generally best practice to sell it – even if it was a kick ass music studio while it lasted. And the least thing you want are to have to fork out property taxes on a home you no longer want.

And if no one is occupying the home you’re more at risk to be dealing with squatters and vandalism which is cause for more headaches.

What to Do

When you have a property that you no longer want it’s often best to just sell the damn thing. And as a musician this can be a good thing for you since the money you make off the sale can be put forth toward new music equipment. The problem is, if the home isn’t in good condition, it may be tough selling it on the open market.

This is why I recommend using a Real Estate Investor when handling properties like this. Private investors will be able to pay you top dollar for you home (no matter its condition) and have cash in your hands in as little as 3 weeks.

The process is a no brainer.

One of my favorite Investors in So Cal, Doug Van Soest, does just this and has an incredible success rate buying properties from clients in the Inland Empire. I highly recommend you check out his site here and get a free quote from him to see what he can offer you on your home today. Here’s a quick vid with him explaining the process and what it is that he does exactly in a podcast released by House Flipping HQ:

How it Works for You

Now as a guitar player, pianist, violinist, or just all around music producer, you won’t have to do much of anything. At it’s bare minimum you will have to sign a few papers and agree on an amount the investor is willing to pay on your house first. After you’ve done that they will take care of the entire transaction process leaving you free to simply collect your check when the allotted time frame is up and the process complete.

With a good investor, like Dougs Business, SCHB (So Cal Home Buyers) the process can generally be done in about 3 weeks with a full check cashed out to you in that time frame.

Simply go to the site, fill out the form, and within 24 hours they will contact you with your cash offer or with a few questions to get some more details from you regarding your situation. Either or, the process is fast and effective. And as a musician who may need cash the expedited process is only better since you’ll have more money to buy additional music equipment to add to your rig.

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